At the production site, guests were clearly shown the entire processing cycle - from slaughter to packaging for further export to the domestic market. The entire process is automated and complies with international sanitary and epidemiological standards.
After inspecting the work of the enterprise, the parties discussed the prospects for cooperation. The China Meat Association has expressed interest in importing 20 thousand tons of pork per year. After all, the border country is the largest consumer of pork in the world. According to statistics, the Chinese consume up to 100 million tons of this type of meat every year. In turn, the industrial complex of EMC Agro is ready to supply about 60% of its products to China. This will give an impetus to the export-oriented nature of the entire agricultural industry of the country, the products will become recognizable to potential investors, and due to the expansion of the capacity of meat factories, new jobs will appear.

“Kazakhstan is a country full of opportunities. Today one of the companies that is a member of the Chinese Meat Association plans to purchase pork meat from a local enterprise. We are talking about 20 thousand tons per year. But we are also interested in lamb and beef. And we are ready to share our experience to help Kazakhstanis develop livestock farming and export meat from large and small livestock to China. We are sure that this will not be the last visit from our side,” said Ma Guangsheng, President of the Beef Importers and Exporters Club of the Chinese Meat Association.

“Representatives of the Chinese business community showed great interest in the implementation of joint promising projects and expressed hope for successful cooperation with Kazakh partners. We should understand that China has big demands. Supply volumes must be stable and raw materials must be safe. Our meat is of high quality, we have no doubt in our products, and we are ready for fruitful cooperation. The neighboring sales market is important to us,” noted the head of the EMC agro company, Erzhan Yeleubaev.

 The agricultural industry of Kazakhstan is under the special control of the head of state. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev sets the task for farmers, along with food security, to expand the production base of factories. At the same time, provide Kazakhstanis with high-quality products and investors with uninterrupted exports.

EMC agro is the leader of meat processing enterprises in the Republic. The company is focused on the production and supply of high-quality, environmentally friendly products for the end consumer and full coverage of demand in the country's meat market. The production capacity of the meat processing plant allows the production of 20,000 tons of meat per year and 30 tons of finished products per day.
The Chinese Meat Association is the largest national association for the production and distribution of meat in the PRC and includes about 1,300 members.

Chinese businessmen express interest in meat from North Kazakhstan region