The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built on the territory of the Intercession of All Saints parish, which is located in the Turksib district of Almaty. The parish was opened in 1947. In 2012, with the blessing of Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan, construction began on the Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos, since the old wooden building of the Intercession Church could no longer accommodate a large number of parishioners.

“The temple described in the Kiev-Pechersk Patericon served as a model for our project. The patericon gives the dimensions of this cathedral: “20 belts wide, 30 long and 50 high.” The two-story building of the Cathedral was erected in a short time - 5 years. Today, finishing work is being carried out, which requires a lot of time and labor. Virtually the entire city and various enterprises of Almaty participated in the construction of the Cathedral. Today, EMC Agro, located in the North Kazakhstan region, has joined the financial support of our Council. We are very glad that organizations from other regions of Kazakhstan are also making their contribution to a nationwide and charitable good cause,” - said Archpriest, rector of the Church of the Intercession of All Saints Evgeniy Bobylev.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the largest in Central Asia. Total area of the prayer hall on the first and second floors is 360.55 m2 each. The cathedral is made by Moscow style. The interior of the temple on the lower floor is made by Byzantine style.

“EMC Agro is a modern Kazakh enterprise for the production of meat and meat products, located Taiynsha city, North Kazakhstan region. We always strive to provide quality products to Kazakhstanis, permanent employment for local residents, pay taxes to the state treasury on time, and also try to contribute to the social and spiritual development of our society. Social responsibility is one of the main values of our company. We are very pleased to be part of such a noble cause,” - says Larisa Kosova, Deputy Director for Production of EMC Agro LLP.

Currently, the finishing work of the temple, located on the second floor of the Cathedral, is being completed. Doors of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary are open to parishioners and services are held there.

EMC Agro to sponsor the construction of Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Almaty