Representatives of BayanSulu JSC, BioOperations LLP and AsiaAgroFood JSC participated in an exhibition featuring Central Asian product manufacturers in Dushanbe as part of a working trip to Tajikistan by President K. Tokayev

 At the exhibition in Dushanbe, agricultural products from Kazakhstan were presented. The platform was created to promote agricultural products and develop business connections between businessmen in the region. The Kazakh stand presented products of advanced grain processing, feed additives from cattle and sheep skins, as well as traditional products - flour, camel and mare milk, vegetable oils.

 The exhibition allowed representatives of Central Asian countries and visitors to get acquainted with the diversity and quality of Kazakhstani products, and also opened up new opportunities for trade and partnership.

For business representatives, this was an excellent opportunity to establish and expand their business connections. A separate part of the Kazakhstan stand was presented by products of deep grain processing, the producers of which are BioOperations LLP and AsiaAgroFood JSC. The products of the feed mill Elevator Taiynsha LLP are also presented.

 “The platform should contribute to the promotion of agricultural products, as well as the establishment and expansion of business ties between businessmen in the Central Asian region. The confectionery products of the Bayan Sulu JSC factory aroused particular interest,”- the Ministry of Agriculture noted.

 In general, the exhibition introduced high-ranking representatives of Central Asian countries, as well as exhibition visitors, to the diversity and highest quality of domestic agricultural products, and opened up new opportunities for trade and partnership.

 Photo from the press service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Exhibition in Dushanbe: new opportunities for trade and partnership in Central Asia