Almaty agricultural producers took on 80% of the total corn production in the country. Since the early 2000s, the area under this irrigated crop has grown from 20,000 ha to 100,000 ha. It is necessary to note the positive dynamics in improving the quality of corn. Farmers have no problems with sales, mainly due to the unique production operating in the region - AsiaAgroFood JSC. The company not only buys up to 100 thousand raw materials from farmers a year, but also provides logistics - harvesting is carried out on special equipment. The joint-stock company intends to expand production volumes. Today the company is developing one of the important branches - the production of natural sweeteners. And corn, just, is the main raw material for the production of molasses and glucose syrups. These products are in high demand in the market.

"The goal of the starch manufacturing company is to increase the volume of finished products, which is why large volumes of corn are needed. After all, this is the main raw material. An increase in production will solve an important social problem of employment. The staff will increase, additional permanent jobs will appear. And this, in turn, is positive will affect the improvement and development of the infrastructure of the district and the region as a whole," the head of the region noted.

The meeting participants drew attention to the need for cooperation between agricultural producers and AsiaAgroFood JSC as a motivation for the further development of this one-of-a-kind production.

Together with representatives of the agrarian society of the region, the issues of developing the infrastructure of sowing fields, which directly affects the increase in corn yields, were considered. In continuation of the meeting, agricultural producers directly asked questions of interest to them on subsidizing equipment, irrigation systems, and were interested in the timing of consideration of applications for subsidies. On the spot, the head of the region instructed the heads of responsible government agencies to solve the voiced problems of farmers. Marat Sultangaziyev also tried to give exhaustive answers to all the questions posed. It should be noted that such a meeting of the head of the region with representatives of the agricultural formations of the region was held for the first time on the initiative of JSC "AsiaAgroFood".

In parallel with the meeting, an exhibition of modern special equipment for farmers was held, seed breeders, manufacturers of fertilizers and pest control products, concentrates for farm animals and birds, and food industries presented their products. Akim of Almaty region Marat Sultangaziyev personally talked with each agrarian, highly appreciating the event.

Expansion of the unique production of AsiaAgroFood JSC will solve a number of social and economic issues