Governor Nurmukhambetov visited EMC Agro LLP, a leading producer of meat products such as grilled sausages, boiled sausages and frankfurters, marinated kebabs. In total the company produces 68 branded items. 

 “We use only natural ingredients in our sausages – our own pork and beef. Currently we are selling our products in Kazakhstan. We have 10 branded stores where we sell our goods,” said Larisa Kosova, Deputy Director for Production of EMC Agro LLP.

Today, the EMC AGRO farm has about 100 thousand heads of livestock. It is planned to increase them to 200 thousand. Currently, construction of the farm is underway. The project budget is 19.5 billion tenge.

“Today due to infections and diseases it is very difficult to transport livestock from abroad. Besides, it is very expensive. Therefore, Kazakhstan needs to develop its own strategies for the genetic improvement of livestock” said Alikhan Talgatbek, CEO of KazFoodProducts LLP.

In addition, Governor Nurmukhambetov  visited "BIOOPERATIONS" LLP. The head of the region was briefed on the perspectives and obstacles in the process of deep processing and export of grain. The company uses Kazakh wheat to produce starch and bioethanol.

 Gauez Nurmukhambetov also visited Elevator Taiynsha LLP.  He was informed about the production of animal feed, warehousing, storage and processing of crops. Besides that Gauez Nurmukhambetov met with the directors of grain receiving enterprises. They discussed the progress of activites on filling wheat granaries.


Governor of North Kazakhstan Region Visits Tayinsha District