Within the framework of this event, a tasting competition was held, where an independent expert commission chaired by the Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition selected the best. The quality of food products and organoleptic properties were determined – as a result, the best were awarded the quality mark - the Gold Medal of Food Expo Qazaqstan. 
Among those companies that won this competition was EMC Agro LLP. In the category "Sausage products", "Meat products" and "Semi-finished products", the 1st place was won by the products of the Lecker brand. 
 It is worth noting that JSC "Asiaagrofood" won the first place in the category "Flour", also receiving a diploma of quality. Flour of the 1st grade "Zhanuya" is a socially significant product with quality indicators according to GOST.  
FoodExpoQazaqstan is the largest exhibition in the food industry, which allows businesses to show their products to potential partners and visitors. As part of the business program, current trends in the development of the industry were discussed.

Lecker meat products, "Zhanuya" flour are recognized as the best and received a quality diploma in a professional tasting competition