Eastern Express LLP is a transport and logistics company providing a wide range of services in the field of rail transportation.

Akbergenova О. Gulzhazira, Director
Akbergenova О. Gulzhazira Director

The company owns and manages covered wagons and tanks designed to transport goods throughout Kazakhstan and beyond.

The company provides the following range of services: 

  • wagon handling; 
  • provision of covered wagons and food tanks for the transportation of goods in domestic and international communications on competitive terms;
  • provision of services for the payment of railway fees, tariffs for foreign territories and the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • rental of rolling stock.

Company Eastern Express has over 100 customers, most of which are direct shippers.

The geography of transportation covers more than 15 countries: the states of Central Asia, Russia, and the European Union.

The company is actively developing and replenishing its assets. The plans include the acquisition of grain wagons to increase the rolling stock fleet.

Eastern Express LLP

Almaty, Medeu district, 132 Dostyk avenue, n.p. 75, 050051